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Self-Representation Vs Hiring A Lawyer

If you have been charged with a traffic offence and you need to attend court, you may be wondering if you can represent yourself. The answer is yes, however, it isn’t always the best way to go about it. It’s important to know that choosing to represent yourself without being properly prepared first can have huge repercussions on your future. In this post, we’ll share the pros and cons of self-representation and hiring a lawyer to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Hiring a lawyer

It’s almost always in your best interest to hire a lawyer and here are some key reasons why:

A lawyer can help you achieve the best possible outcome

Traffic lawyers specialise in this area of the law and know exactly how the court and sentencing process works. Here at Drink Driver Lawyer, we are in Queensland courts every day representing people just like you. Our experienced team can negotiate with the prosecutors and potentially dispute additional charges or the penalty that is been considered.

Going at it alone and not knowing the legal protocols can result in a harsher penalty being imposed on you which can have lasting impacts on your future.

It’s not uncommon for criminal convictions to be recorded against people for traffic offences, and in more serious instances, a jail term could be part of the penalty. A lawyer will work in your best interest to help you avoid these things allowing you to get on with your life.

They know how the law works and what to expect

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The Queensland courts take a tough stance on traffic matters such as drink driving and drug driving so it’s crucial not to be complacent and just hope for the best. Our experienced traffic lawyers can represent you in the absolute best light to help you achieve the lowest penalty possible for the charges you are facing. We are up to date with the ever-evolving traffic laws and we have helped thousands of people stay on the road.

Some people don’t know how to navigate their way through the court process or the charges they are facing and just plead guilty. This can see you receive lengthier penalties for offences that you may not even be guilty of.

If you hire a lawyer, you won’t have to worry about this happening. They can give you a rundown of what to expect when it comes to your penalty and the court process. A traffic lawyer can also help you to obtain a work licence if need be and advise you on how to prepare for court to help you put your best foot forward come your court date.

It can save you money and time

Typically, matters for driving offences are heard on a weekday and you are required to be at court at 9 am. This means you may have to have time off work as a result and most cases are adjourned for a later date to give the offender time to organise legal representation or the paperwork needed to apply for a work licence. This means more time off work when you have to reappear. Often, attending court means sitting there for hours on end until it’s time for your matter to be heard. Those with legal representation are seen before those who are representing themselves making the process quite fast. This means you can get back to work sooner rather than wasting the whole day in court. If your matter will require multiple court appearances, your lawyer can represent you, allowing you to work instead. This can save you money in lost wages and a considerable amount of time. A lawyer can also help you achieve a lower fine, which can save you more money.


If you’ve decided to represent yourself, you shouldn’t do so without doing your research first to ensure you are prepared and can represent yourself adequately.

Seek legal advice

The main reason that people choose to represent themselves is because they can’t afford a lawyer. If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to seek legal advice through an avenue that offers free legal advice such as a community legal centre. There are several of these located in South East Queensland, and a quick internet search will allow you to find the closest one to you. You may find that a lot of these are booked up so it’s essential to seek these out as soon as you can to ensure you have had the chance to speak with someone about your situation.

Do some research on what to expect at court and the charges you are facing


Going to court with no representation or an understanding of what to expect or your charges, is never recommended. The more you know about Queensland courts, the process and the typical scenarios involved with charges such as yours can help you understand if something is right or wrong.
To assist you in representing yourself, you should do the following things before your matter is heard in court:

Research your charge and the potential penalties, including reading the legislation surrounding your charge.

Obtain a copy of the police report. You should read this in full to ensure no false allegations are being made against you. If there is, you should seek legal advice straight away.

Remember, if you do choose to represent yourself, no one can interject and help you at any point during your matter. If you decide that you would like to seek legal representation, you should advise the Magistrate of this as soon as possible. You cannot wait until after you have been charged to then seek legal advice, it needs to be done beforehand.

Deciding to represent yourself or hire a lawyer is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to be confident in your choice because once you’ve been charged you cannot go back and change your mind.

If you looking for an experienced traffic lawyer in South East Queensland to represent you in your upcoming court matter, reach out to the team at Drink Driver Lawyer. We specialise in traffic law, and we can help you with the court process and negotiating lower charges. Contact us today for your obligation-free consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-representation, also known as pro se representation, refers to individuals representing themselves in legal matters without the assistance of a lawyer.

Self-representation can be cost-effective, as it eliminates legal fees. It allows individuals to have direct control over their case and gain knowledge about legal processes. It can also provide a sense of empowerment and a learning experience.

Self-representation can be challenging due to the complexity of legal systems and procedures. Without legal training, individuals may struggle to understand laws, court rules, and deadlines. Emotional involvement in the case can affect objectivity and potentially lead to ineffective arguments or strategic errors.

Hiring a lawyer brings numerous benefits. Lawyers have extensive legal knowledge and expertise, enabling them to provide professional guidance tailored to your case. They understand the legal system, can navigate complex laws, and have the skills to build a strong defense or present a persuasive argument on your behalf.

Lawyers conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence, and analyze legal precedents to develop a robust case strategy. They excel in negotiation and can engage in settlement discussions or plea bargaining to achieve favourable outcomes. Lawyers also provide vital support during court proceedings, ensuring effective presentation of your case and handling complex legal documentation.

The cost of hiring a lawyer varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, the lawyer’s experience, and your location. While legal fees are an investment, they are often worthwhile considering the potential consequences of your legal matter.

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