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Are you facing legal penalties after being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Queensland? If so, you may be eligible to apply for a Special Hardship Order (SHO). An SHO is a court order that allows an applicant's licence to be maintained despite exceeding the legal limit. Using this document, defendants can continue with their normal life without interruption – like going back and forth from work. But before rushing into making an application, it is important to first understand how the complex process works. Let's explore this further.

The Process Of Obtaining A Special Hardship Order

Step By Step Guide

To obtain a Special Hardship Order (SHO) in Queensland, several steps need to be followed. These steps are designed to ensure that the applicant has a legitimate case and that the SHO is only granted in the most exceptional circumstances.

Step 1: Meet the eligibility criteria

Before you can apply for an SHO, you must meet certain eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Gather evidence

To support your case, you will need to gather documentation that shows why you need an SHO. This may include things like:

Evidence of hardship caused by your disqualification (e.g. loss of employment, medical issues, family commitments)

Evidence of rehabilitation efforts you have undertaken since your DUI offence (e.g. counselling, treatment programs)


Step 3: Complete the application form

Once you have met the eligibility criteria and gathered the necessary evidence, you can complete an application form for an SHO. This form requires you to provide information about your disqualification, the reasons why you need an SHO and any supporting evidence you have.

Step 4: Lodge the application

You will need to lodge your completed application form at the Magistrates Court in your local area. The court will require you to pay a fee at this time.

Step 5: Attend your court hearing

Once your application has been lodged, you will need to attend a court hearing. This hearing allows you to present your case in front of a magistrate, who will then decide whether or not to grant you an SHO.

Step 6: Comply with the conditions of the SHO

If your application is successful, you will be issued with an SHO. This order allows you to drive under certain conditions, such as for work purposes only or to attend medical appointments. You must comply with these conditions, as failure to do so can result in further penalties.

Overall, the process of obtaining an SHO in Queensland can be quite complex, and it is important that you seek legal advice if you are unsure about any aspect of the process.

Should I Get Legal Advice When Seeking A Special Hardship Order?

When facing a disqualification from driving due to a DUI conviction in Queensland, obtaining a special hardship order (SHO) can be the only solution to maintain essential matters, like employment and family responsibilities that require a vehicle. However, as mentioned, applying for an SHO is a complicated process, and it is of vital importance to seek legal advice from experienced DUI lawyers. These professionals are familiar with the legal requirements and procedures involved in SHO applications and can help you understand and prepare all the required documentation to ensure the best possible outcome. Failing to secure an SHO can have severe and long-lasting consequences, including losing your job, financial hardship and family disruption. Therefore, it is crucial to get legal advice from knowledgeable professionals that can guide you through the process and increase your chances of success.


Factors That May Make Someone Ineligible For A Special Hardship Order (SHO) In Queensland:

Prior traffic offences: If the individual has a history of traffic offences or driving under the influence (DUI) charges, they may not be eligible for an SHO. This is because the court may view them as a repeat offender who has not learnt from past mistakes.

The seriousness of the offences: The severity of the DUI offence may also play a role in determining eligibility for an SHO. If the offence resulted in injury, death or extensive property damage, the court may view the offender as more of a risk and may decline the application for an SHO.

Licence suspension period: The length of the licence suspension period may also affect an individual’s eligibility for an SHO. If the suspension period is less than 2 years, the court may not consider it significant enough to warrant a special hardship order.

Lack of evidence of hardship: To be successful in an SHO application, the offender must prove that not having a licence will cause them or their immediate family significant hardship, such as loss of income or inability to access healthcare. If the offender cannot provide convincing evidence of hardship, the court may decline the application.

Incomplete application: A poorly prepared or incomplete application may also make someone ineligible for an SHO. The application must be filled out accurately and contain all necessary supporting documents.

Driving with a cancelled or suspended licence: If an individual is caught driving with a suspended or cancelled licence, the court may decline their SHO application. This shows that the offender is not taking their licence suspension seriously and poses a potential danger to the community.

Obtaining a Special Hardship Order is not an easy task and requires careful consideration of the situation. It is important to ensure that you have accurate information regarding your circumstances and are aware of the potential implications of applying for one as well as making sure that your proposal is tailored to suit your individual needs. Ultimately, a Special Hardship Order can be a valuable tool in helping you regain driving privileges while still keeping yourself safe on the roads but it is essential to put thought into your application and speak with professionals who can help guide you through the process. Taking these steps will better ensure success in obtaining the desired outcome and allow you to begin enjoying all the benefits associated with holding such an order.

Gain peace of mind and secure your driving privileges with the help of a Drink Driver Lawyer, ensuring a smooth process for obtaining a Special Hardship Order.

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