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Have you been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving, drug driving or driving without a licence in Brisbane? If yes, you don’t have to go through this daunting process by yourself. As Queensland’s number one traffic law team, you are in good hands!

Traffic Lawyer Brisbane

Brisbane's leading traffic law experts!

Understandably, the thought of losing your licence is unnerving, and in more serious cases, the penalties can include life-altering consequences such as criminal convictions and jail sentences. We have extensive experience helping clients just like you and saving licences for our clients is our speciality.


of drivers or riders killed in accidents are over the legal limit 


alcohol is allowed in your system before you are over the limit with an open licence


of fatal accidents are aged between 17-24

What is a traffic lawyer?

Traffic law is complex, and it’s important that you choose a lawyer that has adequate experience in this area. A traffic lawyer specialises in this area of the law, and they are up to date with the ever-changing traffic laws to help their clients achieve the best outcome possible. They are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to help people who are facing traffic charges. When seeking legal representation for a traffic charge, ensure the lawyer you choose is an experienced traffic lawyer for the most current and accurate advice.

Traffic offences we can help with include:

The main traffic offences that we see here in Brisbane:

  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Demerit points
  • Suspensions
  • Traffic charges
Ally Hodges
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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I found the whole process with Donnelly, very easy and straightforward. Great communication and I felt very confident by being guided through the whole process. The outcome was far better than expected, but also everything that I deserve. I would recommend this group to anyone who is in a situation where they need representation for a matter in court.
Natalie Howell
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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Danielle from Donnelly Law was absolutely fantastic! Super kind, helpful, and explained everything to me. I was extremely anxious and she made the whole situation easier to get through. I can not thank her enough !
Central Coast Concreting
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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The overall process with Danielle from start to finish was seamless she made me feel at ease with her professionalism and integrity I could not of asked for a better result in my case under difficult circumstances she got me the mandatory minimum for my driving charge and took the stress out of a difficult time in my life. I would recommend Danielle to anyone.
Bailey Harris
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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Very good people to deal with. Had everything organised and matter dealt with over the weekend and achieved a very good result.
Mr Crickmore
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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Really really appreciate Donnelly law group ,they have a very good understanding on how to help people dealing with Injusticeand would recommend them to anybody. Danielle, Jacob and Jack are brilliant , thanks so much.
Trent Manukuo
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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First time needing legal aid for myself so I was unaware of how proceedings will go. Donnelly made things easy and simple and guided me every step of the way. My lawyer on court day was great she explained everything, answered all my questions and gave positive reassurance everything was all good. Court matters were swift, I recieved my SHO License and now I am able to continue on with my work. Once again thank you to the team at Donnelly Law Firm for your expertise and support.
Matthew Morris
Drink Driver Lawyer Client
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I will gladly recommend Donnelly Law Group from start to finish they made the process a lot easier.

How much does a traffic lawyer cost in Brisbane?

The cost of hiring a traffic lawyer in Brisbane can vary depending on the amount of experience the lawyer has and the specifics of your case. Often the fee differs from case to case. To obtain a no-obligation quote and to take advantage of a free consultation, contact the team at Drink Driver Lawyer, and one of our skilled lawyers will get back to you. We pride ourselves on our fixed competitive pricing, so you’ll know how much it will cost you from start to finish.

Losing your licence for any reason can impact your life in more ways than one and not in a good way! Here’s how losing your licence may affect your future:

  • Losing your licence can prevent you from working. You may not be able to get to work, and if you need your licence to maintain your employment, you might lose your job as a result. Additionally, some employers require employees to have no criminal convictions against them, and if one is recorded against you, they may have grounds for dismissal.
  • You may not be able to travel overseas. Some countries take a tough stance on travellers who have convictions, and they may deny you entry for offences such as drink or drug driving. If you want to travel in the future and you’ve had a conviction recorded against you, you might miss out on visiting certain countries.
  • As mentioned above, some employers require their employees to be conviction free, and this can potentially influence your future job prospects.

If I plan on pleading guilty, why should I hire a traffic lawyer?

Here's why it's so important to seek legal advice when facing a traffic charge:

  • Representing yourself may see you being penalised more harshly than if you were to have proper legal representation.
  • You may miss out on a work licence due to lack of preparation and not submitting the right paperwork when necessary.
  • A jail sentence may be on the cards if you are a repeat offender or if you are facing serious charges. Don’t take the risk and speak to an experienced traffic lawyer.

Possible benefits to hiring a traffic lawyer

  • Receive a lesser penalty and disqualification period.
  • They can help you to obtain a work licence so you can maintain employment.
  • Have your lawyer speak on your behalf so no details are missed or overlooked.
  • A traffic lawyer can inform you of the court process, what to expect, and the potential outcome you are looking at given the specifics of your case.
  • They can answer your questions and guide you throughout the process so there are no unanswered questions or uncertainty.


Our legal team are experts in traffic law and they are some of the most experienced professionals in Queensland.

We offer a fixed fee structure so there are no hidden surprises or a hefty bill when your matter is finalised.

Traffic Lawyer Brisbane

Charges such as DUI and drug driving are not tolerated lightly in Queensland courts. There are very few instances where a not guilty plea will be considered by a Magistrate. Some possible defence examples include:

  1. Mistaken identity
  2. You weren’t in control of the vehicle
  3. Duress
  4. Major procedural errors
  5. An extreme emergency

For these factors to be taken into consideration, you must have a strong defence supporting your not guilty plea.

How long your disqualification period is and the penalty you receive will depend on the seriousness of your charge and whether you have any other previous traffic convictions against you. For first-time offenders, the penalty will usually include a disqualification period and a fine. If you are a second or third-time offender, the disqualification period and fine will go up. The more offences you’ve been charged with, the harsher the penalty. If you have been charged three times in the last 5 years, part of your penalty may include a jail term under Queensland legislation.

Our legal team at Drink Driver Lawyer have the necessary expertise and knowledge to defend you no matter the complexity or severity of your charge. We work in your best interest to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

You are our top priority here at Drink Driver Lawyer, and you will not be treated like a number by us. Don’t chance your future by representing yourself, it’s simply not worth the risk. You deserve to attain the best possible outcome and we can help you achieve that. The difference between a lenient penalty and a harsh one is often whether the defendant has sought legal representation or not. We can talk you through all the appropriate steps you should be taking in the lead-up to your court date and what you need to have organised beforehand for the day. For example, enrolling yourself in a traffic offender program can show the Magistrate that you are taking your charge serious and are being proactive about making positive changes.


Your Team - The Best in the Business

It’s important that you understand that Drink and Drug driving offences are considered serious!

There are also serious consequences if you don’t have your matter dealt with appropriately. 

How much do you depend on the ability to drive? How is your life going to be affected if you can’t drive in order to meet your daily life and professional commitments? 

At Drink Driver Lawyer, we spend each day in court dealing with exactly what you are currently facing.

It’s equally important that you understand, that with Drink Driver Lawyer, you aren’t just another number. Our team take personal interest in each person, their individual circumstances and their case. Understanding your situation and individual needs, assists our team to achieve the best result for you.

We are locals, we are trusted, and we are on your side during what can be a stressful time.

Give yourself the best chance of staying on the road, contact your Drink Driver Lawyer team today – call 07 3999 8661. My team and I are committed to getting the best result for you.

Shannon McLaughlin

Expert Traffic Lawyer and Queensland Law Society member

Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain a work licence in Queensland after being charged with a DUI, you will need to complete several steps. Firstly, you must lodge the appropriate application form with the Magistrates Court in the region where your conviction occurred. You will then need to submit any other relevant documents such as medical reports and character references. Additionally, you must pay the applicable fee and attend a hearing at the court for the magistrate to consider your application. Once all requirements have been met, if approved by the magistrate, you will be able to apply for a work licence which will allow you to continue driving under restricted conditions that help reduce drink-driving-related road incidents and fatalities.

Hiring a qualified and experienced Traffic Lawyer in Queensland for a DUI charge can provide immense benefits as they can provide specialised knowledge and expertise of the local laws and procedures and can use this to your advantage, including negotiating more lenient sentencing, being able to explain the processes to you thoroughly and providing guidance concerning any potential defences that exist. Additionally, a Traffic Lawyer will be able to take proactive steps to reduce any stress associated with proceedings by assisting with paperwork, providing sound counsel and helping you understand the potential risks of your case.

When looking for a Traffic Lawyer in Brisbane, look for an experienced professional who has a proven track record of success handling traffic violations and other related offences. Additionally, you want to make sure they have strong knowledge of local laws and regulations as well as the resources to handle challenging cases efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it is important that they are open to discussing possible outcomes and strategies to ensure the best possible outcome for your specific situation.

Although it is possible to represent oneself if charged with a DUI in Brisbane, it is highly recommended that you seek experienced legal counsel to have the best chance of achieving a favourable outcome in court. A DUI charge can have significant implications for an individual’s future, such as license suspension and even jail time, so ensuring that one’s rights are fully protected under the law is essential. Furthermore, enlisting professional assistance can help to properly navigate the nuances of the legal system to ensure that any potential penalties are minimised as much as possible.

If you are convicted of a DUI Charge in Brisbane, you may face a minimum suspension of your driver’s licence for three months and the possibility of being fined up to $2,811.

Yes, a qualified traffic lawyer can speak on your behalf during your DUI charge proceedings, allowing you to avoid the time and stress of having to speak in court. Your lawyer will have an in-depth knowledge of DUI laws and procedures, as well as significant experience working with prosecutors and judges to negotiate favourable outcomes for their clients. Furthermore, they will be able to ensure that all of the proper legal documents are filed and can advocate on your behalf throughout the duration of the court proceedings.

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