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It’s important that you understand that Drink and Drug driving offences are considered serious!

There are also serious consequences if you don’t have your matter dealt with appropriately. 

How much do you depend on the ability to drive? How is your life going to be affected if you can’t drive in order to meet your daily life and professional commitments? 

At Drink Driver Lawyer, we spend each day in court dealing with exactly what you’re are currently facing.

It’s equally important that you understand, that with Drink Driver Lawyer, you aren’t just another number. Our team take personal interest in each person, their individual circumstances and their case. Understanding your situation and individual needs, assists our team to achieve the best result for you.

We are locals, we are trusted, and we are on your side during what can be a stressful time.

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We thoroughly research and prepare your case, and provide you with a list of materials to provide us with. We’ll engage in discussions with the Prosecution to negotiate your matter wherever possible.

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Many firms offer criminal representation, few specialise in criminal and traffic matters. We have been protecting our clients’ rights with a combined over 100 years of experience in the exact issues you are facing.

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16% of drivers get behind the wheel when they know they may be over the legal alcohol limit, and 20% drive the next morning when they’re possibly over the legal limit. Drinking alcohol reduces our ability to drive safely. Alcohol affects judgement, vision, coordination and reflexes, and increases the risk of crashing.

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